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Elevate Your Video Calls With Stunning Digital Backdrops

Unleash your creativity with stunning virtual backdrops that will leave a lasting impression on your colleagues and clients. Elevate your video calls today!

Martin // Photographer – www.digital-backdrops.com

In today’s remote work era, video calls have become the new norm for professional communication. Elevating your video call experience with stunning digital backdrops can enhance your online presence, improve productivity, and leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of using digital backdrops during video conferences and provide tips to create visually captivating yet professional virtual backgrounds that suit every occasion.

Key Takeaways

  • Using digital backdrops during video calls can enhance professionalism, conceal distractions and reflect branding.
  • To choose and create stunning digital backdrops for video calls, one can select appropriate images, use virtual background software, optimize lighting and camera angles, and consider the purpose and tone of the ring.
  • Proper lighting and camera angles are crucial in creating visually captivating yet professional virtual backgrounds that suit every occasion.
  • Incorporating branding into your video call backdrop helps promote your photography business and makes a lasting impression on clients.

Benefits Of Using Digital Backdrops In Video Calls

Using digital backdrops in video calls can enhance professionalism, conceal distractions and reflect branding.

Enhance Professionalism

Elevating the professionalism of your video calls as a photographer is crucial to establishing credibility and trust with clients, colleagues, and potential customers.

A stunning digital backdrop sets you apart by showcasing your attention to detail and ability to create visually appealing images.

Maintaining a polished appearance during video calls also creates a seamless extension of your brand image and identity. In many cases, this visual consistency will make it more likely for clients to remember you over competitors who may be utilizing light or cluttered backgrounds during their video conferences.

Conceal Distractions

One of the biggest challenges during video calls is dealing with distractions in the background. Whether it’s a messy room, noisy family members, or even just outdoor noise, these distractions can take away from the professionalism and effectiveness of a call.

Fortunately, digital backdrops offer an easy solution for concealing these distractions and presenting a more polished appearance on camera.

By using virtual backgrounds that match your branding or provide a clean and simple aesthetic, you can eliminate any visual clutter behind you and keep the focus on what matters – your message.

Reflect Branding

Incorporating branding into your video call backdrop can help promote your photography business and make a lasting impression on clients. By using custom digital backdrops that feature your logo or incorporate your brand colors, you can ensure that every interaction reinforces your professional image.

Additionally, consistency in branding across all platforms, including virtual backgrounds, social media channels, and website design, helps establish credibility among potential clients.

For example, if you specialize in wedding photography and use a romantic floral pattern as part of your branding, incorporating this pattern into your video call background will create an immersive experience for the client to remember.

Tips For Choosing And Creating Stunning Digital Backdrops

To choose and create stunning digital backdrops for video calls, one can select appropriate images, use virtual background software, optimize lighting and camera angles, and consider the purpose and tone of the ring.

Choose Appropriate Backdrop Images

When selecting a virtual background for your video calls, it’s essential to consider the purpose and tone of the ring. Here are some tips on choosing appropriate backdrop images:

  • Select a background that reflects your personal brand or company branding.
  • Consider using a visually appealing idea that is not distracting to your audience.
  • Choose high-quality images to avoid pixelation or distortion during your call.
  • Use solid colors, patterns, or textures that complement your outfit without blending into it.
  • Avoid photos with busy backgrounds or text that may interfere with your message.

As a photographer, you can also create your custom image by taking shots of stunning landscapes or cityscapes. You can also utilize stock photos from reputable websites like Unsplash and Pexels. Remember, the backdrop should enhance your professional presentation of yourself and the content you’re discussing during the video call.

Utilize Virtual Background Software

Another way to elevate your video calls is by utilizing virtual background software. This feature allows you to replace your solid background with a digital one, and it’s available on many video conferencing platforms.

With virtual backgrounds, you can hide any distracting elements in the environment and add a touch of visual branding. Zoom offers this functionality free of charge, along with some pre-installed images that users can use as their backdrops.

Additionally, there are various websites where you can download custom-designed backgrounds or create personalized ones using tools like Canva or Desygner.

Optimize Lighting And Camera Angles

Proper lighting and camera angles can make a significant difference in creating stunning digital backdrops for your video calls. Here are some tips on how to optimize them:

  1. Position yourself before a natural light source, such as a window.
  2. Avoid backlighting, which can make you appear shadowy and indistinct.
  3. Use artificial lights to supplement natural lighting if necessary.
  4. Adjust the brightness of your screen to prevent reflections on your face.
  5. Choose an appropriate camera angle that captures your best features and minimizes distractions.
  6. Position the camera at eye level to create a more natural-looking image.
  7. Experiment with different angles before settling on the one that works best for you.
  8. Ensure your background is evenly lit and free of harsh shadows or bright spots.

By optimizing your lighting and camera angles, you can create a more professional and engaging video call experience for both you and your clients or colleagues.

Consider The Purpose And Tone Of The Call

It’s essential to consider the call’s purpose and tone when choosing a digital backdrop for your video conferencing. For example, if you’re hosting a professional meeting, using minimalistic backgrounds that reflect your brand or identity is best.

Red, black, and gold are suggested colors that present a sophisticated look during a business-related video call.

Bear in mind that selecting backdrops should also depend on what is visually appealing and comfortable for everyone involved in the video call. This way, everyone will feel relaxed enough to focus on what matters most on the ring, such as discussing projects or exchanging ideas.


Elevating your video calls with stunning digital backdrops is a simple yet effective way to enhance professionalism, conceal distractions, and reflect branding.

By choosing appropriate images, utilizing virtual background software, optimizing lighting and camera angles, and considering the purpose and tone of the call, you can create an engaging virtual workspace that reflects your style.

Whether you opt for DIY solutions or invest in collapsible or customized backdrops, plenty of options are available to suit any budget or taste.


1. What are digital backdrops, and how do they enhance video calls?

Digital backdrops are virtual backgrounds that can be added to video conferencing calls to replace the user’s real-life experience with a more professional or visually appealing image. They enhance video calls by improving aesthetics, minimizing distractions, and showcasing creativity.

2. How can I add a digital backdrop to my video call?

Adding a digital backdrop varies depending on the platform you’re using for your video conference. Generally, most venues will have an option within their settings menu, allowing users to upload custom images or select from pre-designed options.

3. Are there any technical requirements for using digital backdrops during my video conferences?

Using digital backdrops typically requires a device equipped with sufficient processing power and memory and stable internet connectivity to ensure minimal lag or buffering during use. Additionally, some platforms may require users to download additional plug-ins or software before accessing the feature.

4. Can I customize my digital backdrop for use in my virtual meetings?

Yes! Many individuals choose to create their customized backgrounds by selecting high-quality stock images online or by designing one themselves using graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop or Canva, then uploading it into their preferred platform’s system for later use during virtual meetings and presentations.

About the author

I’m Martin, founder of digital-backdrops.com. With 15+ years of photography experience, I understand the importance of a perfect backdrop. Frustrated with mediocre options, I started creating my high-quality digital backdrops. I’m proud of our accomplishments and excited to continue this journey. You can learn more about me and digital-backdrops.com here.

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